About Us

We are founded and directed by GPs who are passionate about recruitment and retention in Primary Care. Practices often face a big challenge when recruiting staff members as they have a limited pool that they can advertise to, which limits their reach from a much wider audience. Some practices often have to resort to reaching out to recruitment agencies that charge an extortionate amount of money to recruit staff members on their behalf. This is easily avoidable if GP surgeries had an interface where they could directly access a nationwide market of candidates  

At GP Jobs, we have a very clear goal - we have created the perfect platform where practices and potential employees can find each other easily, cutting out the middle man, all for an extremely reasonable advertising cost (the cheapest on the market). Hence, you will see that only an NHS Practice can register to advertise on our website and we will not be flooded by adverts from recruitment agencies. 

We want GP surgeries to be able to keep track of how popular their advert is and so, we have created a great feature that they can track how many people have viewed their advert and shortlisted it. 

We want the use of this website to be as stress-free as possible. If you are encountering any errors or problems, please reach out to us immediately and we can rectify it on info@gp-jobs.co.uk